Why You Need A Land Surveyor

Why You Need A Land Surveyor

Land surveying is an important but sometimes misunderstood part of the building/construction process. You may need a land surveyor for many reasons but at first you might ask, what is a land survey? Land surveying is a combination of mathematics, law, history, design and construction; it is the measuring and/or mapping of land to find important information such as boundary lines or property features like a pond or a slope. Here are a few reasons why you would need a land surveyor.

Identify Plot Size

Land surveys tell you how large a piece of land is and determines what you own by providing property lines that show where your property starts and ends. This is important for homeowners when they want to put up a fence or other home/property features that may be required by the city or town and can resolve boundary disputes with surrounding neighbors.

Acquire a Mortgage or Sell Land

A land survey is needed during a home sale so that both the buyer and seller know exactly what is being sold. The survey information is collected as due Land Surveydiligence for the land sale and will be needed at a real estate closing.

Making Upgrades that are Permanent

Aside from renovations, surveys are needed when a homeowner wants to put in permanent improvements such as pools, fences, driveways, pool houses, etc. A land survey tells anyone looking at the survey what type of features the land has. Surveys are used to determine if the property is abiding by local codes.

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New Construction or Additions

Builders or anyone who is involved with a construction project should obtain a land survey for the project. A survey assists with building plans and acts as a map for laying out the different types of features. It also works as a guide to make sure the project fits in with the local laws. A survey is an integral part of any design professionals (architect, engineers) process.

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