Site Plan

What is a site plan?

A site plan can also be called a plot plan which is a diagram to show proposed improvements on a plot of land. A site plan includes information for a parcel of land and the landscape features. A site plan is to show and explain the precise way the land relates to the features found on the property and surrounding areas. A site plan is a guide that will ensure the proposed plans meet with existing authoritative codes for local building and zoning requirements.

What projects require a site plan?

Site plans are needed for projects that may include: new or improved landscaping, new roofline, encroachment issues with neighbors, new outdoor structure, remove or remodel swimming pool, etc. Additional reasons site plans are needed is when you apply for building permits to add on a home extension or addition, new outdoor walls or fences and city/town requirements.

What’s included in a site plan?

A site plan usually includes a building footprint, driveways, pathways, fencing, parking, facilities for drainage, sewer lines, water lines, lighting, landscaping and other outdoor elements. Other features that are included are property lines, existing and/or proposed conditions, easements and surrounding streets and ground sign locations.

What’s the difference between a floor plan and a site plan?

Floor plans and site plans are similar but they are different. Site plans provide information on the areas of a plot of land beyond the boundaries of the building. A floor plan shows details and elements of the building up to the end of the structure. A floor plan is a drawing with the roof of the structure removed. It is the horizontal section cut through of a structure to show the inside view. Most of the time, floor plans and site plans are complementary of each other are used together to provide a full understanding of the interior and exterior of the structure being built.

Why Choose Scalice Land surveying P.C. For a Site Plan

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