Subdivision Survey

What is a subdivision survey?

A subdivision survey also know as subdivision platting is the process of splitting a tract of land into smaller parcels. The subdivision survey is completed when an owner desires to split a parcel of land into two or more parcels. The level of detail required will be determined by the governing jurisdiction. When a lot is divided it is imperative that the newly formed lots both meet zoning and setback requirements. The new lots will both need to meet the minimum requirements for road frontage and square footage for their particular zoning district or the plan will be rejected.

What’s included in a subdivision survey?

A subdivision survey is a survey of the exterior boundaries of the land parcel which is to be divided. It is then followed by a topographic survey, subdivision design and layout of the interior of the tract. Each subdivision survey shows the precise division of your land into the individual lots. A subdivision plat will include every part of the property such as parks, flood zones, new roads, easements, etc.

What is the difference between a plat and a survey?

The difference between a plat and a survey is that a survey will show permanent home improvements or dwellings such as fences, sheds, pools, driveways that are on the property. A plat is a plot of land which often covers more than one parcel of land. A plat is given to the town or city for public use/records. Whereas generally speaking a regular survey is for the homeowners use.

What is the difference between metes and bounds and lot and block?

Metes and bounds and lot and block are legal descriptions that help explain different properties. Metes and bounds is the measurement of the circumference of the property described in the legal description by using bearings and distances. Lot and block is to identify the individual lot, the block for the specific lot is included as more detail to find the location on a plat map which can be found through public records.

Why choose Scalice Land Surveying P.C for a subdivision survey?

The Scalice Land Surveying team is able to complete subdivision surveys in a shorter time frame and at a more competitive price because we utilize the latest in equipment/technology and are very diligent in our research practices. Our crews are experienced, professional and efficient. Please contact us at 631-957-2400 for a free quote!


Michael J. Scalice, PLS is a licensed land surveyor with 20 years experience in the state of New York. Michael is a proud member of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

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