Construction Layout

Construction staking consists of placing stakes on the ground where proposed features are to be built. The proposed feature location is taken from the construction plans. Typically our team will be provided a copy of the approved construction plans along with a digital copy of the plans and we will be able to lay out curb stakes, building stakes, grade stakes or anything that is indicated on the construction plans. If you are a builder, please call and ask about our special builders price packaging.

Why choose Scalice Land Surveying P.C. for a Construction Layout Survey?

The Scalice Land Surveying team is able to complete construction staking in a shorter time frame and at a more competitive price because we utilize the latest in equipment/technology and are very diligent in our research practices. Our crews are experienced, professional and efficient. Please contact us at 631-957-2400 for pricing and appointments.

Michael J. Scalice, PLS is a licensed land surveyor with 20 years experience in the state of New York. Michael is a proud member of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

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