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Why You Need A Land Surveyor

Why You Need A Land Surveyor

Land surveying is an important but sometimes misunderstood part of the building/construction process. You may need a land surveyor for many reasons but at first you might ask, what is a land survey? Land surveying is a combination of mathematics, law, history, design and construction; it is the measuring and/or mapping of land to find…

Land Surveying During Covid-19

  The start of 2020 was very different from the life as we know it today. If you told anyone that they would have to stay inside for three months without being able to go to their office, visit the gym or eat in their favorite restaurants they would think it was a faulty prediction.…

New office right in the heart of Islip!

Scalice Land Surveying PC has recently relocated our office to the heart of Islip.  We are conveniently located across from Islip Town Hall to easily help with your land surveying needs!  Whether you are buying a new home, installing a pool, putting up a new fence or just want to know your boundary lines, a…

Michael J. Scalice, PLS is a licensed land surveyor with 20 years experience in the state of New York. Michael is a proud member of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

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